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“How You Can be the ‘Facebook’ or ‘YouTube’ or ‘eBay’ of Your Industry – With This ELF Marketing Strategy.”

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Episode Summary And Feed Content In this episode, Timothy discusses the powerful “ELF” marketing strategy of “Positioning your business” in such a way to eliminate competition. Show Notes Joe Polish brilliantly positioned two separate businesses in such a way that they became hugely successful, multi-million-dollar businesses and industry icons.  Discover…

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“Life or Death Negotiation Strategies adapted to ‘Easy, Lucrative and Fun’ Marketing Strategies for Cleaners and Others Businesses.”

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Episode Summary And Feed Content In this episode, Timothy provides an overview of Joe Polish’s 2019 Genius Network Annual Event…including “Life or Death” ELF Marketing strategies revealed by one of the famous speakers at the Event. Show Notes Joe Polish’s BEST EVER Genius Network Annual Event (an overview) “Life or…

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Your 3 Seconds to Wealth

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Episode Summary And Feed Content In this episode, Timothy Paulson shares how the first 3 seconds of any marketing can lead to wealth when done right, or failure when done poorly.  Show Notes A tribute to the late Dan Kennedy. You only get ONE chance to make a first impression….

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Joe Polish and Timothy Paulson

Joe Polish


Joe Polish started out a dead-broke carpet cleaner in the early 1990’s until he discovered how direct response marketing took his failing business from grossing a measly $2,100 per month to $12,300 Per Month With One Truck In Just 6 Months!

Since then, he’s helped thousands of cleaners transform their lives by teaching them how to double, triple, even increase their income as much as a 1000%. And now he runs a high-level “Genius Network Mastermind“ where membership is $25,000 per year and he gets to learn from the most brilliant marketers and business people in the world – people who are makings tens of millions of dollars in every line of business you can think of.

Timothy Paulson


“I’m Timothy Paulson. I Help people from a variety of industries to recognize opportunities and implement ways to create an Easy, Lucrative and FUN business With proven strategies, tactics, tools and thinking So They quickly pivot from a HALF business to an ELF business.“

Well known for being Joe Polish’s co-author on the best- selling Nightingale-Conant program Piranha Marketing: The Seven Success Secrets to Dominate any Market You Enter, Timothy Paulson has been a part of monumental business successes.

He served as Vice-President of Hair Club for Men, helping the company become a household name and go from eight to 69 offices during the time he was with the company.

An artist, writer, speaker and marketing consultant, Timothy has created innovative marketing and coaching programs for a variety of industries. He has written books including 1. Love & Grow Rich: How to Love Your Way to Life’s Riches, 2. The Beauty of Insanely Cool Ugly Art, and 3. Rising from the Dust: How to Conquer Every Challenge You Face.

Tim helped Joe Polish create the ‘Better Your Best Contest’ that has directly and indirectly resulted in over $25,000,000 in business for Piranha Marketing

Timothy lives in Utah with his wife Kay. They have 5 children, two grandchildren, and more on the way.