“Life or Death Negotiation Strategies adapted to ‘Easy, Lucrative and Fun’ Marketing Strategies for Cleaners and Others Businesses.”

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Episode Summary And Feed Content

In this episode, Timothy provides an overview of Joe Polish’s 2019 Genius Network Annual Event…including “Life or Death” ELF Marketing strategies revealed by one of the famous speakers at the Event.

Show Notes

  • Joe Polish’s BEST EVER Genius Network Annual Event (an overview)
  • “Life or Death” negotiating strategies that can be adapted to powerful marketing strategies for Cleaners and other businesses. 

People Mentioned

  • Joe Polish
  • Chris Voss
  • Dan Sullivan
  • Keith Cunningham
  • Susie Batiz
  • Joe DeSenna
  • John Carlton
  • Craig Clemons
  • Parris Lampropolis
  • Richard Viguerie
  • Brian Kurtz
  • Jennifer Hudye
  • Cameron Herold
  • Michael Bernoff

Book Mentioned

  • The Road Less Stupid by Keith Cunningham
  • Never Split the Difference, by Chris Voss

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