“You Can Become Rich – Just Like the 3-Foot Giant did.”

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Episode Summary And Feed Content

In this episode, Timothy shares how Sean Stephenson’s life and legacy can help Cleaners and others become RICH – in business – and in all areas of life.

Show Notes

  • How Sean Stephenson’s live and legacy can make you rich.
  • Rich doesn’t just mean financial wealth.
  • A tribute to Sean Stephenson, who passed away August 28, 2019.
  • Sean’s memorial service, and Joe Polish’s comments about Sean
  • Sean’s favorite quote: “This is not done to me, it’s done for me,” and how it applies to business and to every listener to this podcast.
  • You can overcome whatever the odds are against you.  The experts can be wrong.
  • Sean’s purpose was to rid the world of insecurity.
  • Live with a sense of humor (Sean’s stand-up comedy)
  • The power of love. 
  • How all of this applies to YOUR business becoming more successful. 
  • Some of Sean’s famous quotes.
  • To get involved with the ELITE CLEANERS program:

People Mentioned

  • Sean Stephenson
  • Gregg and Gloria Stephenson (Sean’s parents)
  • Joe Polish

Book Mentioned

  • “Get off Your ‘But’” by Sean Stephenson.

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