“How to Make Your Cleaning Business Go Viral.”

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Episode Summary And Feed Content

In this episode Timothy discusses the remarkable success of Walt Disney, and how Disney success secrets can be applied to YOUR business.

Show Notes

  • After much failure, Walt Disney finally experience huge success.
  • It all started with a mouse (Mickey).
  • A good example from a Mexican Restaurant in La Canada, California (Los Gringos Locos)
  • How things go viral
  • How to make your clients/guests feel like insiders
  • Your business’ inner remarkability
  • Your business’ triggers
  • What’s the purpose of Disney?
  • What’s the purpose of your business?

People Mentioned 

  • Joe Polish
  • Walt Disney
  • Bent Hansen
  • Claude Hopkins
  • Jonah Berger

Books Mentioned

  • The First Domino by Joe Polish (coming soon)
  • Contageous by Jonah Bergeri

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