The Average Joe’s Marketing Book ‘Sneak Peak’: The Happy Client Experience

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Episode Summary And Feed Content

In this episode, Timothy Paulson gives a SNEAK PEAK into Chapter 5 of Joe Polish’s exciting unreleased book, The Average Joe’s Marketing Book.

Show Notes

  • How to get Chapter 1 of Joe’s unreleased book for FREE:
  • The difference between Unhappy, Satisfied and Happy Clients, and how to you can create HAPPY clients who keep doing business with you while referring others.
  • Are you in the “Transaction business” or the “Relationship Business” and what’s the difference? (It’s huge!)
  • Giving your clients something to talk about.
  • The incredible value of… client complaints! (Yes, really.)
  • How you can create Happy Client Experiences.
  • How Joe Polish creates RAVING FANS in his Genius Network

People Mentioned

  • Joe Polish
  • Mike Tubbs, AA Certified Services, Arizona

Book mentioned

  • The Average Joe’s Marketing Book by Joe Polish

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