Joe Polish’s #1 Success Secret Can Be Yours too with Timothy Paulson

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Timothy Paulson has worked with Joe Polish for over 20 years.  After observing Joe for all these years he’s identified his #1 Success Secret – and Timothy tells how it can be YOUR success secret, too.

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  • Timothy frames Joe Polish’s #1 success secret by first telling the story of Timothy’s artist father (Buck Paulson) going from being a professional baseball player to a full-time professional artist by going to “the master” Claude Buck in 1962.
  • Joe Polish started out as a failure in business.
  • Joe became a drug addict at a young age.
  • Joe’s college grades in marketing and running a business were dismal.  No one would have bet on Joe becoming the business success that he is today.
  • Joe was a dead-broke carpet cleaner.
  • Everything turned around for Joe when he implemented this #1 success secret.
  • Entrepreneurs can cut many years on their success paths by implementing this secret.

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