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Rich Cleaner Podcast

How a Consumer’s Guide Can Get You More (And Better) Customers
Episode #015 Featuring Joel Cohen with Sapphire Scientific, Mike Roden

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In Episode 15 Show Notes: As you listen in today you’ll experience a stellar example of a Consumer’s Guide for Truckmounts, as Mike Roden tours you through Sapphire Scientific’s manufacturing plant: See their ‘best practice’ that can translate into the way you provide service to your customers. A key component…

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The “ABC’s” of SEO – Get More Customers From Your Website!
Episode #014 Featuring Joel Cohen with SEO expert, Sonny Ahuja

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In Episode 14,  Joel Cohen interviews SEO expert, Sonny Ahuja How to use Search Engine Optimization the right way to drive lots of prospects to your website What you absolutely need on your website to convert visitors to high-paying clients A rock-solid way to determine what terms your prospects are using when they search…

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Insights from Industry Icons
Episode #011 Featuring Mike Palliotet & Doyle Bloss

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In episode #11: *Learn what Mike’s real opinion is about Joe Polish*Find out the real deal with and just how ethical is it?*The one deciding factor to make your business a success*What’s the craziest thing anyone has ever done with a truck mount?*Some of the biggest game-changers in our industry  *The…

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Joe Polish and Joel Cohen

Joe Polish


Joe Polish started out a dead-broke carpet cleaner in the early 1990′s until he discovered how direct response marketing took his failing business from grossing a measly $2,100 per month to $12,300 Per Month With One Truck In Just 6 Months!

Since then, he’s helped thousands of cleaners transform their lives by teaching them how to double, triple, even increase their income as much as a 1000%. And now he runs a high-level “Genius Network Mastermind“ where membership is $25,000 per year and he gets to learn from the most brilliant marketers and business people in the world – people who are makings tens of millions of dollars in every line of business you can think of.

Joel Cohen


Joel Cohen used direct response marketing techniques that he learned from Joe Polish to grow his first carpet cleaning business in Anchorage, AK from $35K per year to $250K per year in just 24 months! After 17-years running his own successful cleaning business, he is now using his industry knowledge, and success with marketing to help others with proven business growth techniques.

Tapped into Joe’s Genius Network Mastermind resources, Joel distills their high-level, cutting edge ideas, and shows how they can practically apply in the cleaning and restoration world.