How We Went From Being a $250K Business, to $1.2 Million a Year in the Cleaning Business

In this episode of the Rich Cleaner Podcast, Timothy Paulson grills Len Hume and Annette Marchionda, owners of PCS Niagra (in Canada), and reveals the success secrets that took them from a $250K Business to $1.2 Million a Year.

Here’s a glance at some of the secrets shared by Len, Annette, and Timothy in this episode:

+Answering the business phone live changed everything for the business.
+Important to have Systems
+Plan for the entire year
+Have mentors/be part of mastermind groups
+Have CRM as early as you possibly can!
+Be involved with marketing
+Shoot High (have high goals and aspirations)
+Nothing is perfect.  Push through tough times.
+Things are not always ELF, and that’s okay.
+Will and tenacity make a big difference.
+Have a willingness to serve.  We worked to BE THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE COMPANY CAN BE!
+NOT everyone is your client.
+INCREASE PRICES.  (We got more business when we raised our prices.  Perhaps it was a pride of spending thing for clients, or maybe we did a better job because our prices were hire).
+Solve problems right away.
+ “We were in a “mature stage” of our business…and got bored!  We BOUGHT ANOTHER BUSINESS.  We DOUBLED THE SIZE OF OUR BUILDING.  We bought another truck mount.  (This took us out of our boredom.)
+Have a uniform.  Look like you are there to do business.
*Joined Platinum.
+We used Joe’s 106 Strategies Manual.
We didn’t try to do everything at once.
+We get marketing 80% right (it doesn’t have to be perfect before we do something)
+We offer Guarantees.
+We use the “Free room of cleaning” marketing approach
+We DOCUMENT our results/ TRACK IT ALL…
+We developed marketing plans.
+We use Client Newsletter (they help build relationships with clients!)
+“That which is measured improves.  That measured and reported improves exponentially.”

All of this could be overwhelming.  Pick two things to implement each month.

“Progress, not perfection.”

Incremental increases.

Luck is nothing more than being able to take advantage of an opportunity when it presents itself.

Put a little money away each month.

Don’t get overwhelmed.  “Slow but steady” works.

Enjoy family and friends.
Add value to the world.

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