The Ultimate Marketing Secret Weapon

Episode Summary

In this episode Timothy Paulson shares the most iconic marketing headlines in history – along with 7 distinct headline formulas to create your own powerful marketing “secret weapons.”

Show Notes

  • The 2018 and 2019 Genius Network Annual Events
  • ELF (Easy, Lucrative & Fun marketing)
  • The Ultimate Marketing Secret Weapon
  • The Beatles “song titling formula” (and how it applies to headlines)
  • Historically successful headlines, and their modern application
  • Powerful emotional motivators
  • When in doubt, start your headline with these two words.
  • 7 Powerful Headline Formulas
  • Many headline examples for the Cleaning Industry
  • Joe Polish’s famous and trademarked headline
  • The Elite Cleaner Program/The Rich Cleaner Program

People Mentioned

  • Joe Polish
  • The Beatles (Lennon, McCartney, Starr and Harrison)
  • Eben Pagan
  • Dale Carnegie

Books Mentioned



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