“The Magic 9-Word Email” – and “How to win Joe’s Tesla!”

Episode Summary

In this episode Dean Jackson’s “Magic 9-Word Email” is discussed with examples for Cleaners.  Also a discussion about contests, including the “Willpower Doesn’t Work Better Your Best Competition” in which Joe is giving away his personal Tesla.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The Magic 9-Word Email
  • Several sample applications of the 9-Word Email
  • Joe’s Better Your Best Contest & past winners’ comments
  • The “Willpower Doesn’t Work Better Your Best Contest” featuring the book of Benjamin Hardy
  • How you can have a chance of winning Joe’s Tesla (he paid $130K for it when it was new 3 years ago).

Show Notes

  • “Are you still interested in…?”
  • “…would you like to join us?”
  • “Would you like to start…”
  • Better Your Best
  • Why Joe Polish is giving away his Tesla
  • How you can have a chance of winning Joe’s Tesla
  • How you can apply all of this to your Cleaning business

People Mentioned

  • Joe Polish
  • Dean Jackson
  • Steve and Caryn Cameron
  • Ron Osborn
  • Steve and Judy Ransom
  • Benjamin Hardy
  • Jennifer Hudye
  • Allison Maslan

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