The Simple and Elegant Strategy to Fill Your Schedule for Weeks with Timothy Paulson and Randy Garn

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Episode Summary

Timothy Paulson interviews hugely successful entrepreneur and a principle with one of the hottest tech companies in the country, Mr. Randy Garn.  Randy introduces Skipio, which can help you get an Easy, Lucrative and Fun business…much more quickly. 

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Strategy and ideas to fill your schedule for weeks.
  • Insider ideas on how to optimize the Skipio platform to get an ELF business.
  • How to get Randy’s BLUEPAPER titled How to Text Like a Boss…for free.

Show Notes

  • What’s been added to Joe Polish’s famous Control Tool Audit : 0:35
  • Introduction of Randy Garn, this episode’s guest: 2:12
  • Randy’s personal best place to go think and get great strategy: 2:45
  • Randy describes his totally cool office, “built in 1888”: 3:30
  • How to communication better with your clients, and client acquisition: 6:20
  • Where your clients are: 8:25
  • Service based business client retention idea: 9:10
  • Power of texting: 11:02
  • How to drive more revenue to your company: 12:29
  • Interesting research by Twilio: 13:21
  • How to communicate with your clients faster, better, easier: 45
  • Randy Garn’s strategy to fill your schedule for weeks: 16:45
  • How to easily duplicate yourself: 23:02
  • How to get a report/Bluepaper on How to Text Like a Boss: 27:03


People Mentioned

  • Joe Polish
  • Frederick Remington
  • Layne Smith
  • Bob McDonald
  • Bedros Keuilian
  • Rudy Ruettiger




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  • tim Copsey says:

    Our company just signed up today with skipio. We are going to integrate it into our call to action on our 3-step flyer, into our 3-step referral system, Our monthly newsletters, monthly continuity with our clients, followup texts and more. Randy and his team has been very excellent in helping me and my business partner ken grasp the benefits and the growth this can give our company. Thank you Timothy and Randy for this episode.

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