Podcasting an E.L.F. Strategy with Paul Colligan

Episode Summary

In this episode world-class podcasting expert Paul Colligan parts the curtain to reveal his best insider secrets to Easy, Lucrative and Fun podcasts.

Show Notes

  • “Podcasting Gold”
  • “Business Goals, Avatar Interest, Engaging Content
  • “4 Types of Podcast Shows” (Which is right for you?)
  • Engaging interview, Audience update, Part X of Y, and Action
  • How to build the Avatar
  • How to get opt-ins
  • How to start a podcast the right way
  • The game changes with the right introduction
  • Optimal length of podcast?
  • “Dial, Talk, Done”
  • For Paul’s handout, text the word NETWORK to 503-966-8066

People Mentioned

  • Joe Polish
  • Verne Harnish
  • Benjamin Hardy
  • Dean Jackson
  • Dan Sullivan



Books mentioned

  • How to Podcast Volume 4.0: 4 Simple Steps to Broadcast Your Message to the Entire Connected Planet Even if you Don’t Really Know What Podcasting Is by Paul Colligan


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