Using The Latest in Restoration Technology and Standards Can Make You A Rich Cleaner
Episode #003 Featuring Legend Brands’ Brandon Burton

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Here are just some of the ideas discussed in this episode:

* Brandon shares what being a “Rich Cleaner” means to him and why you have the power and ability to improve people’s quality of life * After 18 years with Legend Brands, being in the industry for 23 years, and working with more than 6,000 cleaning and restoration professionals, Brandon reveals what he’s discovered about having a successful, thriving cleaning and restorations business

* Brandon discusses the latest cutting-edge technology and tools you can use to increase your efficiency and get more business

* What to look for in Mobile Technology… and…2 needs you MUST satisfy if you want avoid being overwhelmed and have happy clients

* An easy 24/7 referral system you can implement today with a mobile phone (This works even if you don’t understand technology)

* Brandon tells you what you need to know about Third Party Administrators so you can make informed decisions

* A look inside Legend Brands new restoration technology that gets a lot more out of a lot less! (This new equipment is much more efficient. In fact, compared to 5 or 6 years ago, some of these new technologies are half the size of comparable units, but with a performance that is equal to or greater than a larger unit. This means you get access to technology that is lighter, smaller, uses less power, is easier to transport, and is less in the way…and that means a marketing advantage and lower costs for you!) * What Legend Brands is doing to help implement the S500 standards

* 2 frustrations and annoyances property owners face when they have floods or fires – and new Legend Brands technologies that transform these frustrations and annoyances into a happy, delighted customers

* How to be part of Legend Rewards and earn points for the Legend Brands products you ALREADY purchase (and how to get 2,500 Legend Reward points just for watching a special webinar that teaches you how to get more jobs and make more money)

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Software for mobile monitoring of restoration job sites:

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