Joe Polish’s Surprise Speech at the ELF Business Blueprint Workshop – PART 2

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Episode Summary

Joe Polish unexpectedly dropped in near the end of the August, 2017 ELF Business Blueprint Workshop led by Timothy Paulson and Dan Kuschell.  Joe spoke for an hour and shared some remarkable thoughts and marketing insights with the group.  (Joe’s speech is divided into two separate Rich Cleaner Podcast episodes.  This is PART 2.)

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn in this episode:

Joe Polish shares recent marketing breakthroughs and his best thinking on the topic of marketing and business development.

  • A ritual to change your life: 00:45
  • Recipe for success 3:05
  • Power in words, advertising and copy 3:30
  • Pick the most elegant idea and use it in the Write Yourself a Swimming Pool 5:45
  • Where to put the Control Tool Audit 6:50
  • Joe answers audience question about Dan Kennedy 7:30
  • Facebook advertising 11:00
  • How to use testimonials as a stick strategy and to get referrals 13:15
  • Joe does a “Hot Seat” with owners of a Fitness company 10:30
  • Discussion on “advertise your advertising” 17:30
  • How to get out of an impossible situation 20:10
  • Joe is asked by the audience about how to hire people. 23:20
  • Joe demonstrates the “Dollar bill Exercise” 27:45
  • “Success traps are harder to get out of than failure traps.” 31:10
  • Discussion on figuring out what to say no to 32:15
  • How Joe says doing burpees positively effect your marketing 33:15



People mentioned:

  • Paul McCartney
  • John Lennon
  • Dave Kekich
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Joel Weldon
  • Brian Tracy
  • Gary Halbert
  • Verne Harnish
  • Steve Jobs
  • Robert Cialdini
  • Anthony Greenback
  • Randy Zuckerberg
  • Tim Copsey
  • Mike Aguilaro
  • Brad Smart
  • Geoff Smart
  • Dean Jackson




  • An hour of effective thinking is worth more than a month of hard work.” -Dave Kekich
  • Don’t confuse activity with accomplishment.” – Joe Polish
  • Are you too busy earning a living to make any real money?” – Joe Karbo
  • Whatever you fear and don’t face controls you, but whatever you fear and face, you control it.” -Joe Polish
  • You’ll accomplish more through movement than meditation.” – Gary Halbert
  • Entrepreneurs think they work well under pressure. It’s not that they work well under pressure, it’s that when under pressure, they work.”  -Verne Harnish
  • The best thing about being your own boss is you are your own boss. The worst things about being your own boss it there’s no one holding you accountable.”  -Joe Polish
  • In order to get through an impossible situation, you don’t need the reflexes of a Gran Prix driver, the muscles of a Hercules, the mind of an Einstein. You simple need to know what to do.”  Robert Greenback
  • Irritated oysters make pearls.” -Dan Sullivan
  • Success traps are harder to get out of than failure traps.”



Books Mentioned

  • Lazy Man’s Way to Riches – Joe Karbo
  • NO BS Books by Dan Kennedy
  • Ultimate Sales Letter – Dan Kennedy
  • Pre-Suastion – Robert Cialdini
  • The Book of Survival – Robert Greenback
  • Topgrading – Brad Smart


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