Joe Polish’s Surprise Speech at the ELF Business Blueprint Workshop – PART 1

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Episode Summary 

Joe Polish unexpectedly dropped in near the end of the August, 2017 ELF Business Blueprint Workshop led by Timothy Paulson and Dan Kuschell.  Joe spoke for an hour and shared some remarkable thoughts and marketing insights with the group.  (Joe’s speech is divided into two separate Rich Cleaner Podcast episodes.  This is PART 1.)

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn in this episode:

Joe Polish shares recent marketing breakthroughs and his best thinking on the topic of marketing and business development.

Show notes

  • Focus on buyers and your list: 0:19
  • Learn to pay attention in your marketing: 0:35
  • Here’s the biggest barometer of success: 1:44
  • Here’s your #1 sales job: 2:20
  • Those who are best are marketing do this: 2:40
  • Here’s the best investment you can make: 4:15
  • Selling is ________________; Marketing is _________________: 5:40
  • Dan Sullivan’s definition of selling: _____________________________: 5:56
  • Here’s the most brilliant form of leverage: 7:45
  • Here are two ways discovered to use leverage in business: 7:52
  • When you bring the right “who” they bring the right _____________: 8:30
  • ELF Marketing defined: 10:15
  • What’s the Control Tool Audit? 10:50
  • “How do I generate business? I’ve tried everything”:  11:10
  • How Joe uses the Control Tool Audit: 14:00
  • Gary Halbert says you need these three things in business: 14:10
  • The 45 tactics and strategies on the Control Tool Audit: 14:55
  • A unique marketing approach Joe is considering using (utilizing old technology): 16:00
  • Raising your prices – the three things that can happen: 18:10
  • Donald Trump’s campaign, from a marketing standpoint. How did he win?  19:00
  • Introducing “Augmented Reality”: 20:35
  • Introducing “Live Portrait App.”: 20:50
  • About Artists for Addicts: 21:50
  • The difference between being well known and being well paid: 23:50
  • If Joe Polish could only use one form of marketing, he’d choose this: 25:05
  • The second marketing Joe would do is: 25:20
  • The third marketing Joe would do: 26:15


People mentioned

    • Dan Kennedy
    • Peter Drucker
    • Dan Sullivan
    • Gary Halbert
    • Dean Jackson
    • Sylvan Freed
    • Vanessa Calabro
    • Tim Cospey
    • Donald Trump
    • Brendon Burchard
    • David Arneson


  • “The primary purpose for business is to create and keep customers; marketing and innovation produce results; all other business functions are costs.” – Peter Drucker
  • “What people are not up on, they’re down on.” – Joe Polish
  • “Marketing is story-telling.” – Joe Polish
  • “Any problem in the world can be solved with the right sales letter.” -Gary Halbert
  • “A compelling offer is 10 times more powerful than a convincing argument.” – Dean Jackson




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