Joe Polish interviews long-time IICRC instructor, Mike West

Mike shares his nuggets of wisdom on what it takes to run a successful cleaning business.

Mike West has been a principle instructors for the Carpet & Fabricare Institute for over 15 years, National Trainer for Ramsey Division of Butcher Wax and Steam Genie Corporation, his logical, understandable and enjoyable style has trained thousands of technicians.


Links talked about in the video:

The Academy of Textiles and Flooring

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  • TIM COPSEY says:

    Great video. It’s interesting just as mike west was talking about how he would have a message that people would call then it was linked to his direct line, I just set up a recorded message for hiring runners to deliver our flyers and just as I was watching this video I got a call from an applicant that was sifted sorted and screened by the message I setup – thanks to Joel Cohen’s recommendation on how to hire the right kind of people that you can trust to do that kind of work. Loved hearing the difference between successful business owners and unsuccessful ones.

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