Joe Polish on How Just 30 Minutes per Week Can Make You a Rich Cleaner
Episode #001

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Here are just some of the ideas discussed in this episode:

* The story of how Piranha Marketing started and has helped professional cleaners and restorers around the world transform their business

* How to build an E.L.F business™ (Easy, Lucrative, and Fun) with tried, tested, and true money-making strategies

* Why there’s no relationship between being good and getting paid …and… what you can do to get paid more * Is selling evil? Joe shares how to think about selling and marketing so you sell more ethically (even if you hate sales) and feel good doing it

* How Joel Cohen went from being a carpenter to making $125,000 a year in his cleaning business using plug-and-play direct response marketing

* Ever had someone ask you “How much do you charge”? Joe shares how to turn that question into “When can you start?” (especially when you charge higher prices)

* Does This Really Exist? A robot that delivers an educational, perfect pitch for your cleaning services…24 hours a day…7 days a week…AND sifts, sorts, and screens price shoppers? Yes! Joe shares how you can get one for yourself

* Joe shares the only 3 things you need to sell your services

* If you want people to do business with you, you must answer the #1 question in every consumers mind. Here’s what it is and how to correctly answer it…

* How to increase your revenue by 25% by giving away a free room of carpet cleaning (This is a strategy used by smart, successful cleaners)

* Think you can’t make $125,000/yr with one van? Think again. Joe shares how the highest grossing one truck operation does it.


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  • SuperDoug says:

    I have been cleaning carpets for nearly 20 years now, some good some not so good and struggle every winter with if I should stay in the business. This I had decided that if I couldn’t meet a minimum goal I had set as well as change what I was doing that was it. Well as part of that change I signed up for the Experience trade show and watched your webinar last night, this is exactly what I have been looking for all these years. Thank you see you at the show, I will be there bright and early. I do have a question, on your first podcast you mentioned an instructional guide for the consumer. Are you saying I can copy that for myself and use for my marketing? Also do want to hear about how you price, I try to charge above average and don”t give many discounts.

    • Joel Cohen says:

      Did you get the consumer’s guide from our presentation at the 8:30 am session where we spoke? Make sure you text your name and email to: (480) 405-7499 for all the free marketing strategies, if you have not yet done so.

  • UNIQUE LARRY says:

    Great down to earth open and honest discussion. great meeting both of you at the experience. i have followed many of your proven systems over the years as i stated in the video you took of me. i have an e.l.f. business and am continuing to grow profitably each and every year. i will be looking for the next podcast real soon. love, unique larry

    • Joel Cohen says:

      Thanks Unique Larry! It was great meeting you too. It was nice to see so many Piranha Marketers at the event. We have lots of amazing stuff in store for you and our listeners over the next few weeks so stay tuned…and keep applying the strategies we give you!

  • Craig Macher says:

    LOoking forward to future episodes.

    • Joel Cohen says:

      Thanks! If you have not done so already, please take a moment and poke around the site here. We have several Episodes already up as well as video interviews from The Experience 2014 and more!

  • TODD says:

    In the podcast with Joe and Joel you mentioned towards the end about knowing a formula of how much to charge. Your call to action was to comment here and you would explain this formula. Being a start up I think this would be incredibly valuable. I understand break even sales number base on gross margin in retail floor covering but am not sure of margin or rates in cleaning. I look forward to the answer. thanks

    • Joel Cohen says:

      The secret to presenting pricing is directly connected with the value you offer. If you’re marketing and presentation SHOWS your prospect all of the steps of cleaning you offer, how your service is superior in X, Y, and Z ways, and how you guarantee your work 100% – even offering a full refund if the client is not satisfied, then your pricing becomes less of an issue…even if it’s at a premium.

      Also, offering each prospect THREE price points gives them the opportunity to choose between you, you, and YOU! Instead of between you, and the other guys. Varying service levels, or amounts of stain and soil guard to be applied, are easy ways to offer three price points.

      When figuring out your low, mid, and high prices you can see how long it takes you to perform your mid service and try averaging at least $100-200 per hour for the time booked to perform the work. So the more steps of cleaning and extras you do, the more time the job takes to perform. Break your price out per square foot, or per room, so that it consistently makes you $100-200 per hour when you divide your time by the job total.

  • Jake Ness says:

    Do you have a newsletter sample that i can copy to send to my customers?

    • Joel Cohen says:

      Hello Jake! I believe you are already part of the Elite Cleaners Group that INCLUDES the current monthly newsletter. Once you log on you’ll have full access to the most current version each month. For NON members they can watch the webinar on how to use newsletters and get a free sample to copy from here: FREE NEWSLETTER

  • Wow Joe & Joel. Yet another value packed podcast from piranha marketing. I am sooooo glad Craig came across a set of piranha boot camp DVD’s on eBay in 2007 and how it and your conferences we’ve attended, packages we’ve bought, ect have transformed our business. We are still a work in progress; we haven’t implemented everything yet and haven’t reached our full potential… But baby steps will get us there. For those of you who are unsure whether the things Joe & Joel are talking about really work…. They do!!!!! You just have to have courage to implement them. Just try one and the results will speak for themselves. You’ll soon be hooked.

  • REx patrick says:

    Great video Lots of good information. I’m just starting my carpet cleaning business so this KNOWLEDGE is really going to my company.

  • Just listened to your first episode. great stuff, I am now where you started from. always wondering where the next sale will come. why can I not figure out a way to keep my phone ringing and bring a steady dependable amount of income, instead of having my day run by anxiety. By watching your podcast I have renewed faith, that if you guys were where I am now and figured it out, with your advice I can do the same. the big thing I took away from this was how a roll the trust issue plays in getting the client to call. And as just stated the client most always falls back to the price issue, what are the different mediums to get the cam in the clients hands or to view it.

  • Harley Hall says:

    Such Great Content!!!!

  • This is Amazing!! I can’t wait to put his stuff in action cuz man i am tired 19 years of STRUGGLING sucks

  • Tony Guthrie says:

    Looking forward to joining the elite group in February.

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