Insights from Tony Robbins at the 2017 Genius Network Annual Event

Episode Summary

Tony Robbins appeared on stage with Joe Polish at the 2017 Genius Network Annual Event. In this episode Timothy Paulson shares insights into invaluable ideas shared by Tony.
Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn in this episode:

• Highlights from Tony Robbins’ presentation
• Stories to uplift and inspire you

Show Notes

• Tony has over 30 companies that combined do several billions of dollars a year.
• Have passion for something.
• Do more than others will do. Give more than others will give.
• Do things others aren’t doing in marketing.
• Find a way to stand out in the crowd.
• Innovate through high price.
• Know more about your customer than they know about themselves.
• Find underserved markets and over-deliver.
• Change happens in a second.
• Bad judgment can lead to experience, and ultimately good judgment.
• What influences people? It’s different with each person.
• Don’t influence the way it works for you – influence the way they are influenced.
• Get obsessive about who your ideal customer is.
• Who’s your ideal customer? What do they want?
• The best companies are “made for winter.”
• IT’S A MATTER OF FOCUS – Focus on negatives, and you’ll get it
-Focus on positives, and you’ll get it -Focus on what you WANT, and you’ll get it
• Be the owner, not the operator of your business.
• Be obsessed with choosing great people.
• Build a business that doesn’t require you.
• #1 component of success: HUNGER!


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