The Immutable Laws of Success – Part 3
Episode #040 Hosted by Timothy Paulson

In this episode you will discover Part 3 of the Immutable Laws of Success for Service Providers, Carpet Cleaners, and Restorers with Industry Marketing Expert, Timothy Paulson.  In this 3 part series, get a glimpse of the top indicators of where you’ll be in 5 years, the power of a mastermind, creating an ELF Business instead of a HALF Business, and more.  In part 3, you’ll learn how to go deeper with these strategies with direct examples for carpet cleaners and restorers.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Timothy in this episode:

  • The Four Main Principles that are common in Highly Successful People
  • Recap of the first two parts of this series
  • The success story of the Hair Club for Men
  • Examples of Carpet Cleaners and Restorers who have seen immeasurable success from the mastermind alliance of Rich Cleaner

Show Notes

  • Timothy’s Welcome [:28]
  • Definition of Immutable [0:35]
  • Recap of Parts 1 and 2 [0:57]
  • The story of the Hair Club for Men [02:03]
  • Dave Keiter, joined the Platinum Plus Program because he had a burning desire to gain specialized knowledge of how to grow his business. [03:00]
    • His mastermind alliance allowed him to  grow his business in one year by over $350k. [04:30]
    • He was able to buy his dream home, a hot tub and a Jaguar convertible[05:30]
    • You can hear Dave Keiter on in a video talking about the strategies he gained from the Rich Cleaner [06:00]
    • Dave’s cleaning company is now grossing over $2 million a year and he is not even working in the business [06:15]
  • Steve Cameron, another member of Platinum Plus Program who was able to grow his business from $120k to almost $400k in one year [06:30]
    • He had a tremendous burning desire [07:15}
    • He was  also winner of the Better your Best contest[07:50]
    • We learned from Steve that if you keep doing the same things, you will get the same results.  You have to be willing to step out.[08:00]
  • Testimonials from other members in the Rich Cleaner system[09:40]
  • Success does not come on your own.  You have to be a part of a Mastermind Alliance [11:48}
  • You have to be decisive. It is about doing things now. [11:52]
  • You have specialized knowledge through your trainings and certifications.  Do you have the knowledge to build an ELF business? [12:45]
  • Have a burning desire.  Have no other option but to take your business to the highest level of success [13:08]
  • Dan Sullivan, from Strategic Coach, has personally coached Joe Polish for decades says “the skills that get you out of Egypt are not the same skills that get you to the promised land.”[13:10]
  • You need a new set of skill to grow your business compare to those that you needed to start your business. [14:05]


Timothy Paulson has been a part of monumental business successes through his career.  He served as Vice-President of Hair Club for Men, helping the company to grow from 8 to 69 offices and a $120 million a year company during his tenure.   With Joe Polish he is co-author of the best-selling audio program “Piranha Marketing: The 7 Success Multiplying Secrets to Dominate any Market You Enter.”  Timothy has worked closely with Joe Polish since 2001, helping Cleaning and Restoration companies transform their businesses to become “ELF” (Easy, Lucrative and Fun).  He also helped Joe create the famous “Better Your Best Contest” model which has resulted in tens of millions of dollars of increased business for participants.

Timothy is the author of books, including LOVE & GROW RICH: How to Love Your Way to Life’s Riches.

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