How to Become More Persuasive with Jody Williamson, Part 1

Episode Summary

In this episode Jody Williamson helps you to see the wrong approach to selling and persuasion.  This prefaces the right approach to selling and persuasion that will come in Rich Cleaner episode #69.

 Show Notes

  • “ELF Marketing & Selling
  • “The Moveable Middle” in selling
  • “Old, Traditional Selling Model” (you can do better!)
  • Prospects have a “system” for dealing with salespeople
  • What is “unpaid consulting” and how to avoid it
  • “Prospect is parent, and salesperson is the child” is NOT good
  • How are you positioning yourself in selling situations?

People Mentioned

  • Joe Polish
  • David Sandler

Books mentioned

  • The Contrarian Salesperson by Jody Williamson
  • You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar by David Sandler


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