What Every Cleaner & Restorer Needs to Know About The ICRA’s NEW Certification
Episode #004 Featuring Jim Holland and Barry Costa

By October 17, 2014 Podcast No Comments
Joe Polish and Joel Cohen talk with ICRA Jim Holland and Barry Costa from the International Cleaning and Restoration Association about a NEW certification program called Performance Assessments.
  • Discover an industry trend that you’ll definitely want to be a part of…or you might find yourself left behind!
  • A new – and BETTER – way you can evaluate your own (or your technician’s) proficiency as a cleaner.  You say your company is the best?  Use this to PROVE it!
  • How you can use a new evaluation process to differentiate your company…and how to use good marketing to make sure your prospects and clients know about it!

To learn more about ICRA Performance Assessments visit:




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