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Episode #005 Featuring Jeff Cross and John Downey

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Industry Icons Jeff Cross, with Cleanfax Magazine and John Downey with IICRC’s “The Journal” discuss what gives cleaners and restorers the cutting edge – Episode 005

  •  Where you can find reliable resources for what’s cutting edge in the industry (BESIDES
  •  Joel’s story of how reading a certain magazine made his carpet cleaning business go from broke (only making $35K per year) to $125K per year, in just 12 months!
  •  What is it about carpet cleaning and restoration that can bring you happiness?  HINT:  It’s not money!
  •  What makes the difference between success and failure in cleaning and restoration?…the answer is different than you think!


(Soon to be posted here:  The videos of these interviews and Full page magazine of Joel’s story).

Elite Cleaners Group:

Piranha’s Elite Cleaners Group

Cleanfax Magazine:


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