“BlueFishing: The Art of Making Things Happen” with Steve Sims

Episode Summary

Steve Sims has been called “The modern day Wizard of Oz” by Entrepreneur magazine.  Joe Polish said, “If you can dream it, Steve Sims is the guy who can make it happen.”  In this high energy episode, Steve shares his unique perspective on how to make dreams come true.

 Show Notes

  • The Bluefishing Playbook
  • #1: “Throw away the ‘________’.  Instead, ask ‘Why couldn’t it?’”
  • #6: “Nothing’s ever going to happen if it benefits only you.  Work for ___________, every time.”
  • #9: “Passion is something you have to discover.    Try stuff.  But never stop __________.”
  • #19: “Ugly works.  For Bluefishers, ugly means _____________.  It’s the opposite of overpolished, CGI and corporate.”
  • #35: “Enter Sponge Mode as often as possible.  Walk into a room to learn something new and say, ‘Hey, I’m an idiot right now, but I’m here to get just one ________ better’.”

Books mentioned

  • Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen by Steve Sims.


People mentioned

  • Joe Polish
  • Dean Jackson
  • Neil Strauss
  • Ken Glickman
  • Mike Cline
  • Aydika
  • Andrea Bocelli
  • Jenny Kay


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