A Billionaire’s Insights into Creating and Achieving Moonshots in Your Business from Naveen Jain, Joe Polish, and Timothy Paulson

Episode Summary

Joe Polish led his Genius Network Annual Event Nov. 3-4, and he and billionaire Naveen Jain shared the stage to discuss Moonshots. In this episode Timothy Paulson shares insights into Naveen’s remarks, including many inspiring quotes, with emphasis on how this applies to Cleaners and Restorers.”

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Highlights from Naveen’s presentation
  • Quotes that will inspire and instruct you

Show Notes

• Moonshots are different than a goal.
• Joe’s introduction of Naveen.
• Definition of Moonshots.
• What’s your calling, your purpose, what you’re dealing to die for.
• Urgency to the matter.
• When is the best time to plant a tree?
• When is the best time to create a Moonshot?
• The enemy to great, the enemy to your Moonshot.
• When will Naveen be on the moon?
• How many it has to effect in order to be a moonshot?
• How to find what you really care about.
• “It’s easier to build a billion dollar company than a million dollar company.”
• Where a moonshot comes from.
• Avoid “the short game”
• Fall in love with your _______________, not your product.
• Play “the long game”.
• Getting stuck at $100,000,000.
• The day you become ______________________ is the day you become successful.
• Why Entrepreneurs are the next Superpower.
• Naveen’s is the first company to have the permission to leave orbit and land on the moon.
• What’s the kryptonite in your business?
• What would you do to change the trajectory of the world?
• Email at timothy@joepolish.com to let Timothy know your moonshot.

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