Billion Dollar Success Secrets for Cleaners, Part 2, hosted by Timothy Paulson, Episode 42

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In this episode you will learn the Billion Dollar Success Secrets and how these secrets apply to your Cleaning and Restoration business.  You will discover how just one idea can change everything for you.  

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Timothy in this episode:

  • The Success Story of the Hair Club for Men  (and what it means for your Cleaning and Restoration Business today)
  • Why it is better to be different than it is to be better
  • 11 Secret Success Strategies (that will be revealed over 2 episodes)

Show Notes

  • Timothy’s Welcome
  • Here are the Secrets shared in the last Episode
    • Better to be different than better
    • The Right Name, Change the Frame
    • Unique Naming Formula
    • The Tuccaroni Pricing Model
    • The Continuity Model
  • Here are the final Secrets that will be shared in this episode:
    • The Power of Words
    • Make it Easy for People to do business with you
    • Charity
    • Borrow ideas from other industries
    • Have Marketing Stamina
    • Learn from the mistakes of others


Timothy Paulson has been a part of monumental business successes through his career.  He served as Vice-President of Hair Club for Men, helping the company to grow from 8 to 69 offices and a $120 million a year company during his tenure.   With Joe Polish he is co-author of the best-selling audio program “Piranha Marketing: The 7 Success Multiplying Secrets to Dominate any Market You Enter.”  Timothy has worked closely with Joe Polish since 2001, helping Cleaning and Restoration companies transform their businesses to become “ELF” (Easy, Lucrative and Fun).  He also helped Joe create the famous “Better Your Best Contest” model which has resulted in tens of millions of dollars of increased business for participants.

Timothy is the author of books, including LOVE & GROW RICH: How to Love Your Way to Life’s Riches.

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  • Tim says:

    This episode is really shouting out to me to be different and not better. To start with what piranha has alReady Provided us with. Moneyback guarantee, consumer guide, 24 hr free recorded message, free room coupled with carpet audit offer. And i like what you
    said tim that this carpet audit really shows you Exactly what We can do for the rest of your home. THANks for the episode

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