Likes, Fans, and Money from Facebook
Episode #013 Featuring Amy Porterfield

By January 27, 2015 Podcast 5 Comments



In Episode 13, Joe and Joel interview Amy Porterfield and they discuss:

  • The three reasons why it’s important to have Likes and Fans on Facebook (and how to quickly turn Likes into Leads with a simple 1 minute video)
  • Facebook 101: The key steps to follow when working with your Personal Profile and Fan Pages (and the perfect number of posts you should make per day), The strategy and etiquette to use when ‘friending’ and ‘unfriending’ people, and the biggest concerns and issues you must be aware of when it comes to online privacy and Facebook privacy
  • When you should and shouldn’t have multiple Facebook pages (and a unique way to use Facebook groups to offer exclusivity to your customers)
  • Amy shares her best ‘Facebook Time Management’ advice
  • How to make money with Facebook using Facebook ads (and the three types of ads you should use)

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  • Craig Macher says:

    Great episode i heard Amy during a webinar and on this same episode of i love marketing. I gotta say i like it when Joel gets right to the point. Joe and dean have a lot of assides and Joe puts down dean a lot as well.

  • tim copsey says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. amy really explained a lot of things I was wondering about regarding facebook. a question I had. my personal facebook is all my friends from California but I recently started a new facebook with the contacts i have here in bend oregon and since we are marketing locally should add to my California facebook the profile and page we have for our company or keep my facebook local here in bend or? To clarify it doesn’t make sense to me to connect and advertise with people in another state I wont be doing business with since we are locally operated. Any suggestions. Thanks a lot.

    • Joel Cohen says:

      To be clear, your personal “profile” is used to manage your “page”. Your page is where you get likes and fans and can advertise. Your personal friends from your profile may or may not come over to your page and like it. So merging personal friends to your profile (no matter the location) should not impact your business page.

  • Tim says:

    That makes sense. thanks joel.

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