“How I Added over $700,000 to my Cleaning Business by Doing Restoration” with Ron Osborne and Timothy Paulson

*What Ron did in his business to go from $435,000 to $1.1 million. 0:55
*Ron will give insights for those who are thinking about getting involved with Restoration, as well as to   those who are already doing Restoration Services. 1:20
*How many employees does doing Restoration require? 3:08
*The minimal equipment Ron started with.  3:23
*The main draw of doing Restoration. 3:33
*What you need to start marketing Restoration services. 4:30
*Great sources for referrals. 4:39
*What to expect when you first start out. 5:03
*Where to get the proper education. 5:40
*Getting the right information on the equipment you need. 6:00
*Speaking to an Adjuster (“Insurance Speak”) 6:10
*Understanding the psychology of it. 7:29
*For those already involved in doing Restoration. 8:02
*Best marketing you can do. 8:15
*A marketing strategy that made Ron a lot of money. 9:32
*The Rick Raskob “Water Tag” marketing strategy. 10:15
*The importance of getting your company foundation in order. 11:40
*Ideas to grow an existing Restoration company. 12:04
*Three main things to get into doing Restoration work. 15.00
*When a Cleaning company should wait to get into Restoration. 17:13
*Warren Buffett’s success secrets. 18:50
*Engaging Ron as a Consultant. 22:30
*Ron’s email:  ronosborne@cableone.net 23:45
*More details about the awesome “Water Tag” marketing strategy. 25:00
*The Elite Cleaners Program. 27:00


People mentioned:

Joe Polish
Rick Raskob
Warren Buffett

Books Mentioned:

Essentialism:  The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown



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