How The 80/20 Rule Makes You More Money…Easier!
Episode #017 Featuring Joel Cohen

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In Episode 17 Show Notes:

  • How the 80/20 rule lets you spend 80% less on advertising…but get way more jobs from it!
  • An easy way to identify and market to your best clients.
  • How to be sure your advertising message gets heard, and cuts through all the marketing “noise” to which your customers are exposed!
  • The best way to find your top clients AND, at the same time, get LOADS of work!
  • What NOT to do on social media.
  • The one thing that our most successful case studies would never give up


Links and Resources:

Done-For-You Monthly Newsletter to Send to Your Clients


How To Run a Successful Survey Campaign to Your Newsletter List:

Surveys result in higher engagement (the customer sees that you are reaching out to improve their experience), and you have great potential to see immediate jobs as a results of this kind of campaign.

FIRST – Set up a Survey Monkey (it’s free):

Use a two page survey:  Page one has three questions on the survey: 1) Multiple choice (about how often they read the newsletter, 2) Multiple choice (about the specials offered in the newsletter and how often they take advantage of it), 3) What do you like/dislike about the newsletter (Let them type their answer for this one)

– After they finish question #3 have the button underneath say “Submit”, and it will go to page two (see example we’ve created for Piranha’s clients here):

– Create an offer on page two of the survey (the final page of the survey) and be sure they fill out their name/phone number/email so they can get the offer

NEXT – Set up a simple forwarding web page address:

– Create a URL name that’s easy for people to type in for example:

– Make sure that page forwards to your Survey Monkey

Set up a QR code:

– Enter the Survey Monkey URL into the code generator and save the picture of the QR code that it generates:

Inline image 1

Now send out a postcard that includes:

 – A compelling headline and reason to take the survey.  Some ideas:  “I Need Your Help”, “Can you Give Me Your Input?”
– include the URL and QR Code
– Also let them know there is a nice incentive if they take time to help
– Include current offer and phone number as well

Send out an email.  Be sure the email includes:

 – A reference to the card you mailed
– Link to the Survey Monkey
– Explain it is short (only three questions)
– Use the subject line:  “I need your help”

The responses you get from this survey will be well worth the effort! It will give you valuable information about your list of clients, identifying who engages with your company (the top 20%) and what you can be doing to provide your customers with more value.  Simultaneously you will get jobs as a result of the survey!


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