11 Common Marketing Questions Answered
Episode #009 Featuring Joel Cohen and Joe Polish

By December 4, 2014 Podcast One Comment




  • How you can get more clientsand not just more…but higher paying clients!
  • How you can make (a lot) more money…so you have a bigger cash flow…and more profits and cash in the bank!
  • How you can get the financial means to hire employees…so you can have more free time…even “get off the truck”.
  • How you can easily charge higher prices to increase revenues instantly without losing business… and still compete in the marketplace against “low priced” companies!
  • How you can break free from property managers…these are often low paying and restrict your cash flow…But how do you painlessly transition into high end clientele market?
  • How you can get more referrals and more repeat business without spending a fortune on advertising!
  • How you can create a steady stream of jobs…without wasting money on ads that don’t work…
  • How you can break the cycle of the “yo-yo” schedule and keep yourself booked solid all year long!
  • How you can build your business for longevity and value…
  • How you can compete with so many other companies and become immune to the competition once and for all!
  • How you can turn your website into a cash producing “machine” without breaking the bank on high priced SEO!


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  • TIM COPSEY says:

    I just want to say. WOW!!! This is the best podcast I’ve listened to yet and by just applying the raise your prices 10% strategy and a couple other strategies in this podcast, our business has grown over 60% in the last 4 months. Thanks again Joe and Joel for your timeless money making strategies:)

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